Identificarea masurii unui inel [How to find her ring size]

One of the most common issues I’m faced with when designing an engagement ring is finding the ring size without giving away the upcoming proposal! Don’t worry, it’s possible. And this is how.

While the best and most accurate way to get her ring size is to have it measured by a jeweller, here are some ideas that will help you do it discreetly and without giving away the big surprise.

The more of these methods you can try, the easier it will be for your jeweller to determine an approximate ring size.
Use one of her existing rings
Does she have a favourite ring in her jewellery box? A great way to find her ring size is to measure up one of her existing rings, ideally one she wears on her left ring finger. The measurement we’re after is the inner diameter – the measurement of the ring at the widest point of the inside of band.

Here are a few ways you can get it:

Put the ring on a ruler and measure the inner diameter at its widest part.
Press the ring gently into a bar of soap to get a clear imprint.
Trace around the inside of the ring to get an outline on a piece of paper.
Try the ring on one of your fingers. It may not fit, but take a note of where it sits. A jeweller will be able to measure your finger at this point to get an approximate ring size.
Borrow the ring (if she won’t notice it’s missing) and get it sized at a local jeweller.

For points 2 and 3 above, it’s best to do this a few times to make sure you’ve got a good estimate. Provide several examples of the drawings/imprints to your jeweller so they can determine an average.

Get help from family and friends
It may sound suspicious when the questions come from you, but her family and friends may be able to get some insight without tipping her off! Try these on for size:

First off, ask them! This may be a conversation they have had before and it’s possible they already know the answer.
Have a friend who has just gotten engaged? Get her to subtly encourage your girlfriend to try on her ring to see if it fits.
Get them to take her shopping. This is a great time to try on rings with the girls “just for fun”. It’s also an opportunity for them to do a little sneaky research into your girlfriend’s preferred ring style.

Pretend you’re shopping for someone else
Wait for your sister or mum’s birthday and pretend you are shopping for a ring as a present. Ask her to help by getting her ring size measured by a jeweller. To avoid suspicion, measure a few of her fingers, not just the left ring finger!

Propose with a custom made promise ring
Sometimes the best way is to involve her in the process of choosing her own design! Engagement rings are so personal that she may already have a clear idea of exactly what she wants.